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Classic New Set: 1-1 $100 {1.5 hours}

Fill: $55 {50 min}


Hybrid New Set: 1-3d $125 {1.5 hours}

Fill: $65 {50 min}


Volume New Set: 2-5d $155 {2 hours}

Fill: $75 {50 min}


Mega Volume New Set: 5-10d $195 {2 hour}

Fill: $ 85 {50 min}


New Client Fill: $100 {1.5hrs}

I know that a lot of lash artists will not fill other artists work but I absolutely will! But, because Im not applying the entire set I cannot guarantee the lifespan of the extensions. This includes any future fills until an 8-week time period has elapsed and all previous extensions have shed. I cannot guarantee what will happen with the previous artists work and because it is almost impossible to know which artists work is having issues, should any arise. I also require that you book a longer appointment, the extra time gives me a chance to go through what the previous artist did and it gives me a little bit of added time to get your lashes to 100%. If, in my opinion, your lashes were previously applied poorly, I will let you know at the appointment, and at that time we can decide if you want a removal and to rebook for a new set.
***I can not guarantee that I will fill all work that comes from other artists.***

Time extension: A 20 minute appointment extension can be added to a Volume fill and Mega Volume fill and is an extra $10. One “time extension” can be added per appointment. The extension must be requested at the time of booking. A time extension can only be added to a fill and will not be sold on its own. 


I only work for the booked time. If you feel like you want fuller lashes, please come back earlier or, book an appointment extension, for your next fill. If you are late or if you have makeup to remove, the time will come out of your booked lash time.


Removals: $25 for the first 25 minutes then$15 per every 15 minutes thereafter that it takes to remove the lashes.


Make up Removal: $20 If you come with makeup, or any other products in your lashes there will be a removal fee, please don't put makeup on your lashes!! 

If you dont find a date or time that works with your schedule please feel free to text me for my after hours pricing and availability.


I accept cash only.

TO BOOK TEXT 780-686-5256